Saturday, January 30, 2010

Really Day 7

Ugh! I'm resolved to NOT go on some fad diet. I absolutely refuse to fail yet again at losing. In the past, I've been the most fit when I wasn't dieting....I was LIVING, and not even remotely thinking about dieting. Back at it again. Life is coming together for me once more. I've dropped the dead weight (tee hee, metaphorically speaking), starting fresh, with a new career, and a new roommate to keep my lonely nights sane and entertaining, and free from drunk dialing too.

I'm resolved to exercise for pleasure; not because I "should" but because I want to, because I'm a fit woman who enjoys the outdoors and fresh air. The power of positive thinking is majorly at work here, especially in these 15 degree days. A brisk walk? Hell, you'd damn near freeze if you didn't put some pep in the step! That's me folks. That's where I'm at today. Unfortunately I had to turn down an invitation to the local spa where I could have exercised in the gym, swam some laps, and leisurely recovered in the sauna, steam room, and jacuzzi. Instead, I'm off to sit on my ass with my review books, among the stacks at the library; in 5 days I will be free from the confines of study and exams. Life is gonna begin!

For now,
The Fat Chick

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